Another Russia - invent your own trip to Russia

About us ?

We are an Anglo-Russian travel agency located in St Petersburg offering individual journeys independant of standard routes.

Why are we different ?

We offer you a different view of the country than that which is usually seen out of tour bus windows, in standard night clubs amongst Russian girls and in cafes on the main avenue, the Nevsky. If you are interested in discovering Russia from a different perspective, come and discover what we have to offer you!

You can select one or several of our services, from a simple invitation for a visa to Russia to the organization of a long-term stay.

Our prices

We have decided to offer a range of more moderate prices than is usually found on the market in our enthusiasm to show you this wonderful country, so that Russia may become available to all and not just the few privileged.

What to do ?

You can select what you need from our offers and fill in a form
or just e-mail us at and we will respond quickly!

What we have to offer: